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Canadian Solar

There are many options when it comes to domestic and commercial Solar PV.


Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar was first founded in 2001 and now operates as a global energy provider in 20 countries and 6 continents. The energy renewable company first expanded in to the UK market with their solar panels in 2011. The first agreement with Canadian Solar is that the company would supply 15MW of solar modules for 3 UK solar farms, which were constructed by Spanish renewable energy company, Isolux.

Canadian Solar

The company have developed specialised solar modules and products such as:


ELPS (efficient long-term photovoltaic solutions)

The ELPS technology allows the solar cells to collect more light which results in a 21.1% cell efficiency. Featuring a metal wrap through design (MWT) it allows the new cells to move the front busbars to the back of the cells allowing for up to 3% more light absorption per cell. This means that the modules then deliver 7% more electricity than conventional solar modules.


BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic)

BIPV modules use double low iron tempered glass combined with solar cells laminated in between. By this development it makes this type of product ideal for skylights and roofs. The photovoltaic panel is integrated into the building material with the benefit of producing renewable energy.

Both of these Canadian Solar Panels are suitable for both on-grid and off-grid installation. The modules are usually created from either 60 or 72 cell modules using both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells in the panels production. The manufacturing stages includes texturing, diffusion, plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition and surface metallization.


Canadian Solar Panel Models

There are 10 Canadian Solar Panel models in the UK currently which are grouped into 4 series.

CS6P-M Series

This series differs from the Max Power series as it is made up of monocrystalline silicon cells and can also deliver efficiency rates of up to 16.1%. The cell size of this series is also 156x156mm with the panels made up of 60 solar cells (6×10). The front cover is made from 3.2mm tempered glass with the frame being comprised from anodised aluminium alloy.

Max Power CS6X-P

The Max Power CS6X-P series is made from polycrystalline cells and can delivery efficiency rates of up to 16.1%. The front cover of this series is made from tempered glass with the frame from anodised aluminium alloy. Each cell is 156x156mm with the solar panel comprised of 72 cells (6×12).

CS6P-P Series

CS6P-P series are made up from polycrystalline silicon and can delivery efficiency rates of up to 16.1%. The cell size is 156x156mm and the solar panel is comprised of 60 cells (6×10). The front cover is constructed in the same way as the CS6P-M series.


The final series available is the CS5A-M series which is the lightest panel produced by Canadian Solar. The cells are comprised of monocrystalline silicon and can delivery efficiency rates of up to 16.05% with the cell size 125x125mm. The panel is comprised of 72 cells which are 6×12 and the front cover is made from 3.2 mm tempered glass with a anodised aluminium alloy frame.

Feature and Efficiency of Canadian Solar Panels

With efficiency rates of up to 16.6%, these panels prove to be an effective energy solution and are highly reliable. Canadian Solar produce their products with a special coating to protect them from salt mist, sand and ammonia which has been caught up in the wind and can cause damage to your panels. Therefore, these panels are the best choice for any homeowners in coastal or agricultural areas where there has been an increase in solar panels across these areas. As all the frames are comprised of anodised aluminium alloy it makes them very durable for any weather conditions.

Another beneficial feature that these products include are an anti-glare module on all panels that provides better efficiency. With the front cover constructed of 3.2mm tempered glass it means the panels are highly durable throughout any weather conditions without it compromising their productivity. Testing the elements, these panels can hold up to 5,400pa of heavy snow whereas other solar panels they were tested against can only withstand 2,400pa. These products are highly suitable for homeowners in northern locations where snow is likely during the winter months.

Installation and Contact

HP Energy Solutions offers a wide range of different solar panel brands, each suitable for your needs and energy preferences. Technical knowledge is required for the installation of solar panels, therefore it is best to consult a specialist solar panel company. If Canadian Solar Panels are what you believe are the ideal energy solution for you home then contact HP Energy today for more information from our professional and trained experts.