There are many options when it comes to domestic and commercial Solar PV.



SolarEdge, established in 2006, is a technological provider of power optimisers, monitoring solutions and solar inverters for photovoltaic arrays. It is one of the leading providers of inverter solutions across all solar PV market sections. The aim of these products is to increase the energy output through module level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and widen the availability of green renewable solar energy across the globe. The most popular product from SolarEdge is the inverter solution that has developed the way power is gathered and managed in a solar PV system. This inverter system maximises the power generated at the individual PV module level whist lowering the cost of energy production by the solar PV system.

The SolarEdge system is available across all aspects of the solar market segments. This system is suitable for commercial, residential and small utility-scale solar installations. The SolarEdge system is comprised of inverters, power optimisers, storage solutions and a cloud based monitoring platform.

What is MPPT?

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) allows each module to be tracked as well as flexible design installation with various tilts, orientations ad module types in the same string. SolarEdge Inverters and power optimisers automatically maintain a fixed string voltage which allows the installers flexibility with various string lengths to help design the ideal PV system.

SolarEdge Products

Power Optimiser

The power optimiser is a DC/DC converter which the installers connect to each PV module or it is embedded by the module manufacturers to replace the traditional solar junction box. These optimisers increase the energy output from PV systems by using constant tracking through MPPT. The SolarEdge power optimisers can then monitor the performance of each module and transfer its performance data to the cloud-based platform for cost efficient maintenance. All power optimisers feature a unique SafeDC ™ which will automatically shut down the modules DC voltage if the inverter or grid power shuts down. SolarEdge power optimisers are compatible with c-Si and thin-film modules with a 25 year warranty.

PV Inverter

SolarEdge provide a DC-AC PV inverter which is designed to work alongside the SolarEdge power optimisers. The PV inverter is however only responsible for DC to AC conversion as the MPPT and voltage management are managed separately for each module by the power optimiser. This means it is less complicated, more cost effective and reliable with a standard 12 year warranty which can be extended to 20-25 years. Included in the functionality of the SolarEdge PV Inverter is the DC-optimised inverter also manages system energy and batter which is part of their StorEdge system.

SolarEdge PV Monitoring Platform

CS6P-P series are made up from polycrystalline silicon and can delivery efficiency rates of up to 16.1%. The cell size is 156x156mm and the solar panel is comprised of 60 cells (6×10). The front cover is constructed in the same way as the CS6P-M series.

Key Benefits to SolarEdge PV

With SolarEdge considered the 2nd solar inverter on a global scale, it shows the reliability and efficiency of their products. Here we have the key benefits to choosing SolarEdge PV.


Increased Output

SolarEdge products tend to output a significant amount of solar energy in all weather types. Since each individual panel outputs power separately from the other panels it means with any type of shading it will still work at near maximum output.


Home Automation

Home automation has launched over in Australia where you can run your energy appliances from the office or whilst on the run. Using the mobile app you can switch on your air conditioning and programme hot water systems and under-floor heating turning your system into a complete energy efficient household. Whilst this is not available yet in the UK it shows the direction this company is heading in.


Developing Flexibility

SolarEdge gives homeowners the flexibility to design your panels across multiple roofs – both across different angles and directions which are all on the same string. This system can have up to 45 panels on one string which heavily reduces the cost of safety hardware required for installation on each string.


Points of Failure

If there is every the uncommon event of something failing with one of your SolarEdge panels the rest of your system will remain unaffected and should continue to be fully operational. This means that during any service or warranty checks you will avoid too much system down time and allow you to continue to generate power.


Easy Expansion

SolarEdge systems are easy to expand and you are only limited by your roof space and size of the installed inverter.

Installation and Contact

HP Energy Solutions offers a wide range of different solar panel brands, each suitable for your needs and energy preferences. Technical knowledge is required for the installation of solar panels, therefore it is best to consult a specialist solar panel company. If Canadian Solar Panels are what you believe are the ideal energy solution for you home then contact HP Energy today for more information from our professional and trained experts.