There are many options when it comes to domestic and commercial Solar PV.


Solis Energy Solar Panels Installed by HP Energy

HP Energy install solar PV panels for both domestic and commercial buildings. We pride ourselves in being leading solar panel installers in Scotland. Thanks to our expert training, years of experience and collaboration with high-end manufacturers we guarantee a supreme service every time. As well as having the skill to install solar PV panels safely on any type of roof layout, we use only high quality materials to ensure your solar panels last for decades. In order for HP Energy to supply this level of service we source our products with only the elite supply companies.


Solis Energy - Top Solar Panel Supplier

Solis Energy is a reputable outdoor power solutions supplier, providing high-end, quality products. For this reason Solis Energy is one of the main brands we rely on to supply our resources and materials for the installation of solar panels in Scotland. With over ten years in the industry, Solis Energy is a brand that has committed to developing advanced, dependable products that provide us and our customer’s flexible solutions to take control of outdoor, green energy requirements.


Benefits of Using Solis Energy Products

Solis Energy products are known to withstand the harshest weather conditions and are currently used on multiple continents with varying climates both mild and harsh. This means that the Solis solar panels installed by HP Energy will remain resilient against the unforgiving Scottish weather and last through many seasons. We know how important it is for your investment in green energy to be profitable whether it is for commercial or domestic properties.


Solar Panel Products Supplied by Solis, Installed by HP Energy

Solis Energy provide a vast array of products including solar generators, outdoor battery backup systems, and a suite of power management components including PoE injectors, DC to DC converters, and remote monitoring equipment. All of the products supplied by Solis Energy have been tested in the field therefore are truly reliable, plus they are cost-effective. Both aspects are important to HP Energy as it allows us to offer affordable, dependable renewable energy solutions for our customers.

Solis Energy Solar Panels Case Studies

HP Energy works with only experienced and reputable manufactures as it allows us to provide the best service for our customers. We know we can rely on Solis Energy solar panel supplies as the products are implemented in such diverse projects, across several different markets including transportation, telecommunication, government markets, and industrial automation and control. Below is a list of examples of Solis solar PV panels in use across varied projects.

Solis Solar Panels Provide Wireless Access Zones for Transport Cafés

When a popular chain of transport cafés in the USA wanted to provide 24 hour Wi-Fi in their carparks, they struggled to come up with a solution since the optimum location for rooters is on top of the lamp posts, which are not powered during daylight hours. Flexible and reliable solar panel products supplied by Solis Energy solved this problem.

Solis Solar Panels Provide Wireless Access Zones for Transport Cafés

Solis Solar Panels were used in a Government contract to provide essential 24 hour power to surveillance cameras positioned in remote locations. The cameras were pointed at ponds that are used as back up water sources. The pumps are controlled remotely therefore wireless equipment was needed to provide power. Innovative technology sourced from Solis Energy easily fulfilled this purpose.

Our Mission at HP Energy

HP Energy strives to provide customers with safe, efficient and long lasting green solutions for customers both domestic and commercial. It is more important now than ever to invest in renewable energy. Not only will it will give you peace of mind that you will always have a source of power even in the event of a traditional energy shortage, but also can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on utility bills. You can rely on us to provide an expert service and the installation of high quality, safe products. If you are looking for solar panel installers in Scotland contact HP Energy now.

Why Choose HP Energy to Install Your Solis Solar Panel Products

HP Energy covers the whole of Scotland and is ready to take on your project. Our expertise in installing solar PV panels to all types of structures means are capable of implementing flexible layouts. Contact us now to start your solar panel installation project.