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Commercial Solar PV

There are many options when it comes to domestic and commercial Solar PV.


Commercial Solar Panels Scotland

Solar PV, which stands for Solar Photovoltaics, is a technology which converts sunlight into electrical power. Amidst the current energy crisis, it is now more important than ever to start investing in renewable energy sources. Capitalising on a solar PV systems, or commercial solar panels, will contribute positively to the environment and will keep your company running in the inevitable event that power instability and cost issues arise. Investing in solar panels Scotland is a great way for any business to generate efficient power responsibly.

Domestic Vs Commercial Solar Panels in Scotland

Commercial structures will reap greater benefits from the use of solar panels compared to domestic dwellings due to the superiority in size and the larger capital available for investment. Generally commercial buildings and the surrounding land will be much larger than houses and garden space thus allowing a sufficient area for larger solar PV panels. Naturally larger panels can generate more power and provide exceptional efficiency. Installing commercial solar panels in Scotland will be even more profitable for larger scale corporations that have the luxury of immense space on both building and grounds.

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Commercial Solar Panels with HP Energy

Commercial Solar Panels Design

HP Energy are experts in solar panel design and installation and cover both domestic and commercial buildings. We can design a system for your business that will provide the perfect solution for your energy needs. Due to our years of experience within the industry and professional training, our design layouts are flexible and accommodating. The panels can be laid out portrait or landscape or even a combination of both.

Commercial Solar Panels Installation

We can install commercial solar panels on any roof system and can manage larger scale and complex projects. Your HP Energy engineer will mount the panels on to the roof using a discreet framing system. The number of panels used will depend on the size of the roof, how much electricity you need to generate and how much you are willing to spend. Although the install area for commercial structures is extensive, HP Energy take structural and installation measures to safeguard the panels. For example, we only provide top-quality PV panels from highly reputable manufactures. This guarantees the use of reinforced materials such as tempered glass casings and durable aluminium framework. Also, it enables us to offer robust warranties that are typically guaranteed for 20-25 years.

Commercial Solar Panels Safety and Maintenance

Investing in expert installers who work with top manufacturers will also increase durability and longevity of your commercial solar panels after exposure to harsh elements. Scotland especially endures months of extreme weather every year therefore solar panels in Scotland are best to be constructed with the highest quality materials and installed with precision. Due to the natural placement of solar panels in Scotland they are exposed to extreme weather. When choosing a company to install solar panels in Scotland it is important to check for certifications, reviews and testimonials. This way you can rest assured that the job will be carried out safely and complying with all official regulations. HP Energy is an accredited member of HIES as well as certified with NAPIT and MCS.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels in Scotland

Profitable Investment

One of the many benefits of installing commercial solar panels in Scotland is it qualifies your business for incentives, grants and loans which helps keep your capital spending to a minimum. Some examples of these remunerations are the Feed-in Tariff, known as the FIT and the Renewable Heat Incentive, also known as the RHI.

Boost Your Brand Awareness with Commercial Solar Panels

Any professional business that shows their commitment to environmental sustainability by running their building with renewable energy is promoting their dedication to corporate social responsibility. This will elevate the integrity of your company in the eyes of the public and environmental organisations. As the environmental crisis becomes more imminent and the public becomes more educated on the subject it will become increasingly vital that your business is supported by both the former and latter.

Savings on Overheads

It is common knowledge that the high demand in energy for heating and cooling appliances throughout winter and summer respectively sees a huge increase in utility bills. Not only that but the increase in consumption can at times even affect efficiency. Plus, in general the cost of energy is on the rise, on average rates rise by 6% every year. Installing commercial solar panels alleviates these issues as after the installation process costs to run solar panels is extremely low. This in addition to any remunerations you received your business is bound to make huge savings.

Why Choose HP Energy to Install Your Commercial Solar Panels

Installation of commercial solar panels requires practiced hands, immense experience and industry knowledge. HP Energy are renewable energy experts with years of hands on experience in design, installation and maintenance of various eco-friendly energy appliances. We are accredited and certified by the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) meaning we are a reliable green energy installation company. Contact us today to start your journey to commercial solar panel installation.

Efficient and Effective Energy

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