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Domestic Solar PV

HP Energy LTD specialise in the supply and installation of domestic solar photovoltaic systems. Our Expert Solar Panel Installers are well trained in installation on both commercial and domestic locations.


What are Domestic Solar Panels

Solar panel electricity systems are also known as photovoltaics (PV) which retains the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. However, these cells do not always need sunlight to work as even on a cloudy day they can still generate electricity. These cells will then convert the sunlight into electricity which will then be used to run domestic appliances and lighting.

How do Solar Panels Work?

The PV cells in a solar panel are formed from layers of semi-conduction material which is usually silicon. Once light shines directly on the cell it will then create an electric fiend across all of the layers. The stronger the sunshine, the more electricity is produced. In solar panels the cells are mounted together in panels or modules that can either be mounted onto your roof or on the ground.

The power obtained in the PV cell is measurable in kilowatts peak (kWp) which is the rate at which it generates energy at peak performance in strong sunlight during the summer months. The cells from PV’s can come in a range of shapes and sizes and most of these systems are made up of panels that will be fitted on top of an existing roof, however, there are solar tile option depending on your needs and preferences.

Domestic Solar Panels – Design, Installation and Maintenance

Domestic Solar Panel Design

Our HP Energy experts have years of practical experience with solar panel design and installation covering domestic and commercial properties. We can offer specific solar panel designs to suit your needs and energy preferences. With our industry knowledge we can offer a solar panel design solution that is both adaptable and accommodating.

Domestic Solar Panel Installation

We can install domestic solar panels to any home and have them mounted on your roof panels using a compact frame. When solar panels are installed in the UK your panels will be tilted at least at 15° or more so they benefit from being cleaned by rainfall to ensure maximum efficiency. The number of panels required for you home will depend on the size of your home and roof, the amount of energy you require to generate and your budget. Our solar panel installers will take each of these factors into consideration when consulting with you on your installation. HP Energy use the highest quality PV panels from reliable manufacturers which will guarantee at least 25 years usage of your domestic solar panels.

Domestic Solar Panel Maintenance

Domestic Solar Panels require little maintenance once installed. To keep your domestic solar panels in the best condition you’ll need to keep the panels clean and have them positioned in a place where trees won’t overshadow them as this could affect their effectiveness. If your panels are evenly mounted on the ground debris is more likely to build up which will affect your solar panels performance.

Once your panels have been fitted our solar panel installers should leave instructions of any maintenance checks that should be performed over time to ensure that your panels are functioning properly. These instructions will also include a trouble-shooter guide and details of the main inverter fault signals. However, your installation company will demonstrate this to you before completion. Start to check the amount of electricity your panels are generating in all weather conditions to familiarise yourself with what to expect and what to be alerted about.

Domestic solar panels should last 25 years or more, however, the inverter usually needs to be replaced at some point during this time. A replacement inverter is likely to cost around £800. However, it is best to contact your original installer for the exact maintenance requirements before considering domestic solar panel installations.

Domestic Solar Panel Benefits

There are many benefits to using solar panels for domestic uses. Here we have listed ways that Domestic Solar Panel installation can be an advantage to your home.

Cut the Cost of your Electricity Bill

Sunlight is free, so why not make the most of your readily available resources. Once you’ve paid for the installation of your solar panels your electricity costs will be reduced.

Cut your Carbon Footprint

Unlike the other forms of energy supplies, solar panels are renewable green energy which don’t release any harmful carbon dioxide or other toxic pollutants. On average a typical domestic solar PV system could save you between 1.5 to 2 tonnes of carbon per year.

Payment for the Electricity you generate

The UK Government have launched a Feed-in Tariff Scheme which pays you for the electricity you generate, even if you use the electricity yourself.

Selling your Electricity back to the Grid

In addition to the above scheme, you will also receive another payment for the electricity you export through the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Why Choose HP Energy as your Domestic Solar Panel Installers

When considering domestic solar panel installation, you will require a company that is highly experienced and contains the correct industry knowledge. Here at HP Energy we specialise in renewable energy with years of practical experience in design, installation and maintenance of green energy appliances. As a Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MSC) certified Installation Company we can help you with your domestic solar panel installation needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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