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Why choose a Heat Pump over conventional heating systems?

You can replace any existing heating system with a new modern heat pump and save money on your heating bills. You can recover up to 100% of the install cost by joining the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) scheme. We will guide through the application process to ensure you receive all the eligible funding available. Heat pumps are proven to be reliable, are energy efficient and easily maintained. Numerous benefits include a 7 years manufacturer’s warranty and financial reward through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

HP Energy can help you install the best Heat Pumps in Scotland into nearly every type of property. We supply brands including Samsung, LG & Panasonic for your new build project, social housing or if you would like to retrofit to replace the existing expensive and in-efficient central heating system.

Heat Pumps are an innovative new, low-energy system, designed to help you enjoy ideal temperatures and hot water in your home, even with extreme outdoor temperatures. A quality air source heat pump captures fresh air to cool or heat the property to ensure maximum comfort. These systems are far cleaner, safer, cheaper and environmentally friendly than alternatives using gas, oil and other electrical systems.

This innovative heating appliance can make you savings of up to 70% on fuel bills. Plus there is the possibility of receiving payments from the Government for simply having this type of appliance as part of an incentive. For more information or advice on this product please contact us or phone 0141 374 2818. We offer a free quote and a free, no obligation feasibility assessment.

Here at HP Energy we are passionate about energy efficiency and experts within the industry. We are qualified to MCS level for installations meaning we are an accredited heat pump installation company. Not only do we install heat pumps in Scotland but we design, service and repair energy appliances from Daikin, Dimplex, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. Our skill and experience is second to none.

Different Types of Air Source Heat Pump


Split Heat Pump

  • High Temperate Split Heat Pump
  • Low Temperature Spit Heat Pump

Monoblock Heat Pump

  • High Temperature Monoblock Heat Pump
  • Low Temperature Monoblock Heat Pump

Hybrid Heat Pump

High Temperature Split Heat Pump

HP Energy provide various sizes of High Temperature Split Heat Pumps to fit any property. We cover both the domestic and commercial sectors. High Temperature Split Heat Pumps are less efficient than Low Temperature Split Heat Pumps however High Temperature Split Heat Pumps only use a portion of energy to that of standard Gas Boilers.

How Do High Temperature Split Heat Pumps Work?

This appliance operates with a hot water storage tank designed to provide sufficient water to suit the individual property requirements. The process of installing a High Temperature Split Heat Pump had minimum disruption as this appliance operates with existing plumbing and radiators. Therefore High Temperature Split Heat Pumps can save you money, improve your energy efficiency and won’t cause you to change any other appliances in your home.

Low Temperature Split Heat Pump

Similar to the High Temperature version, the Low Temperature Split Heat Pump comes in a variety of sizes, fitted to suit both domestic and commercial properties. A Low Temperature Heat Pump operates at much lower temperatures than traditional heating structures. The Low Temperature Heat Pump is best suited for underfloor heating or large radiators. If designed and implemented well this appliance will save you considerable amounts of energy in comparison to Electric, Gas or Oil heating.


Hybrid Heat Pump

If you currently have a stand-alone, conventional gas boiler system then a Hybrid Heat Pump is a much greater energy efficient alternative. This advanced system integrates the reduction of carbon emissions and reduced fuel usage with the conventional gas heating system.


How Does The Hybrid Heat Pump Work?

This appliance works automatically, using the energy tariff and usage already in place to work out the most proficient and cost-effective operation. The Hybrid Heat Pump is best suited for households already using LPG or gas heating systems.


Accredited HP Energy

HP Energy are accredited by The Microgeneration Certification Scheme. This means that we will design, supply, install and commission your Heat Pump Solution adhering to MCS standards. We have the skillset and experience to consider factors such as property location, building type, level of insulation and room size before deciding on the solution.


Go Green with HP Energy

Heat Pumps in Scotland represent the latest, most innovative technology in energy efficient heating. Efficiency of Heat Pumps starts at 250% and ranges up to 450%. This will vary depending on design. As well as generating vast amounts of energy and costing less money than typical heating these systems produce much less C02.