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Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps

Heating a home can cost an arm a leg especially in winter. During freezing winter months in Scotland, heating a home isn’t indispensable. Homeowners need to look for energy efficient technologies such as air source heat pumps. The Samsung line of heat pumps deserves mention in this regard.

Ranked as one of the top ten brands globally, Samsung strives to inject innovation while maintaining quality in every product they release into the market. The reputation of Samsung air source heat pumps is unrivalled. Launched in 2011, these pumps offer solutions to the problems that past manufacturers and brands failed to address all along.

Why Choose Samsung Heat Pumps

Other than the lightweight build that makes these pumps easy to install, the after sales service that comes with every purchase is world class. What’s more, the competitive pricing of Samsung’s air source heat pumps has made them attractive than most other products on the market.

Whether it’s a small or large-scale installation, Samsung heat pumps provide renewable and eco-friendly energy solutions. Since they qualify for government-driven incentives, it makes these products a worthy investment since you can claim £680 annually through the scheme that pays out on a quarterly basis. If you want comfort and reduced carbon emissions all year, Samsung heat pumps are your best bet.

The pioneering Samsung pump technology provides homeowners with exceptional energy efficient heating. These pumps will provide up to 350% efficiency levels even in super cold weather.
The revolutionary Samsung’s heat pump range represents the Ecological and Economical Heating System (EHS). There are three models namely; EHS Mono, EHS Split, and EHS TDM. These models are engineered to deal with the CO2 menace, and they have been certified and awarded notable certifications. They come with a remarkable coefficient of performance (COP) that makes them low maintenance.

For those with limited spaces, these heat pumps are compact, and they can be fitted anywhere. For monitoring purposes, the heart pumps are equipped with remote control options.
Samsung EHS Heat Pumps

Samsung Air Source Heat Pump

EHS Mono

This model comes with an inverter compressor that runs according to the external temperature. It’s light in weight making installation easy and neat. There is a pre-fixed plumbing cylinder that makes mounting easier.


EHS Split

This pump is the perfect appliance if you want top performance all year. The split model can be fitted alongside other devices, and it adapts well to different conditions and heating needs. There is a fan that toes down the noise, an anti-snowing option and a prompt silent mode that can be muted at night.



This pump can heat the indoor area and the water using a single external unit that is controlled by Time Division Multi. It’s a smart energy distribution option between air to water and air to air units. This system can be used to cool and heat in the summer and winter respectively. It’s ideal if you want excellent under floor heating and hot air blowing.

How Do Samsung Heat Pumps Work?

Samsung air source heat pumps are ideal for homes, offices and other establishments. Simply, they will suck in air from the outside environment and drive it through a refrigerant. This way, they generate enough heat for the home and the hot water supply system.

These pumps perform best in areas with excellent thermal efficiency. More so, they can operate even when temperatures hit -25OC. If you wish to save your energy bills, Samsung air source heat pumps are ideal. If you are paying an upward of £1000 for medium sized home, these pumps guarantee you a reduction of up to 35% on your heating bill.

There is no denying that Samsung air source heat pumps are leaders in the heating and renewable energy industry. These pumps offer an economical and ecologically enhanced system that uses power sparingly compared to conventional models. The wide range of heating and cooling combinations offer consumers superb solutions for all seasons.


Price Range

Compared to other heat pumps, the cost of Samsung is fairly competitive. Your ideal pump choice depends on variables including the size of your establishment and the desired heating levels. You can consult HP energy to guide you.


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