How Battery Storage Works Well With Solar PV

December 18, 2017

If you have been thinking on whether using a storage battery alongside your solar PV system is a good idea, you are probably not far from the truth. Fundamentally, your PV system relies on the grid as a dynamic battery. When you generate more than you need, the excess is exported to the grid. When your panels can’t produce enough, power is drawn from the grid to make up for the deficit.

More Power with Battery Storage
Solar battery storage stores excess units produced during the day for later use. Interestingly, this makes better sense than selling it to your supplier at a cheaper rate. Even though a time of use tariff allows you to buy back units affordably, battery storage can be configured to save the day when there is an outage. Before you choose a battery storage unit, it’s imperative that you know what works best for you. You are likely to come across AC Coupled, and DC Coupled options and professionals from the HP energy can provide useful guidance.

Battery Storage

Why You Need Battery Storage
Individuals and businesses can choose battery storage for some reasons. If your system is grid-connected:
• You want to store excess energy generated on a sunny day and use it when the clouds take charge.
• You want to have sufficient backup if the grid goes down.
• You want to trade by charging your batteries using cheap off-peak units and later use it in peak times. You need to be sure that the inverter in your system can manage solar energy generated without exporting it to the grid albeit wastefully.

Choose On Demand Energy
As a consumer, you are always billed according to the kilowatt hours you use from the grid. This is based on the highest usage hours. It’s not uncommon for a business to be billed for spikes beyond what they use. This can result in thousands of pounds of avoidable costs each year.

With alternative energy sources in place, homes and businesses can avoid these costs. However, having battery storage on standby is the most effective option if the idea is to reduce the costs originating from peak hour usage and spikes. The stored power can be used on-demand, and the costs can be tamed regardless of the usage patterns.

Is Solar Energy Storage Viable For You?

It’s alright to say that battery storage complements your solar PV system. The obvious cost-cutting benefit cannot be ignored, but there is a need to stock-take whether your establishment is a good candidate for battery storage.

A good number of households and businesses tend to think that investing in an onsite battery storage unit is the only solution. A quick assessment reveals that it can cost thousands of dollars for such procurement even when associated costs are not factored.

For some, purchasing isn’t the only way out. Many users are leasing battery storage units from sector providers. This quickly eliminates upfront costs for purchase and installation not to mention maintenance as well.

What PV and Battery Storage System?
Any household or enterprise that wants to know whether solar power and battery storage is an ideal solution needs to assess several aspects. These range from the usage pattern in a day month or the entire year. HP energy can help analyse your load analysis, your overall power consumption patterns and how to leverage on the installation of power panels alongside the best battery storage unit. Also, your trusted provider should be able to explain the kind of incentives available when you invest in solar and energy storage unit.

When assessing the need for PV panels and battery storage combination, the issue of design and output allocation is essential. There are many variables, but they can be mitigated by providing more solar energy to the storage. In return, this provides ramping. Ramping denotes the intermittent fluctuation of power over short durations. This can damage critical equipment. With storage batteries, these dips can be mitigated using pre-stored power.

Storage batteries will enable a company to generate predictable and sufficient energy units. But the property needs to verify whether a given combination is the ideal pick for the power they can generate. It only makes it a worthy investment if professionals are involved.

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