Domestic Air Source Heat Pumps and Its Benefits

January 3, 2018

As innovators continue to look for efficient ways and renewable energy options to heat homes, homeowners are gravitating towards options such as domestic Air source heat pump. No doubt, Air source heat pumps have become a preference to many people for other than being low maintenance; they reduce heating costs at home and carbon emission.

Air Source Heat Pumps Options
As a homeowner, you can pick between two heat pump alternatives:
• You can choose the Air-to-air heat pump that absorbs ambient heat from the external air. This unit transfers the heat using a fan system to heat designated rooms or space.
• You can choose the Air-to-water heat pump that absorbs heat from external air, heats it up and transfers it via the existing central heating system.

How Do They Work?
Domestic Air source heat pumps operate the same way a refrigerator does only that they do so in reverse. In this case, they will convert cold air into hot useful air. At home, these units can be installed outside on the side or somewhere strategic in your backyard. If you live in tropical weather regions, it’s easy for the air heat pump to provide better efficiency.

If the system was operating in sunny weather for the most of the year, you are likely to benefit from improved ‘Coefficient of Performance’ or COP; which is used to measure the air heat pump efficiency.

In Scotland, domestic air source heatpumps come with an EnergyGuide tag. This displays the unit’s Coefficient of Performance rating. This makes it easy for a homeowner to compare different models and makes to make an informed and energy saving decision.

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What’s in it for a Domestic Establishment?
Being a renewable energy option, air source heat pumps can give back more output than what they use for the grid. Some pumps will burn one unit of electricity, but they will give back 4 or 5 units of heat energy. The good news is that even the average heat pump will give up to 3.5 kW after using up an input of 1kW. Additionally, heat pumps can still generate heat at sub-zero temperatures or for those who have yards with extreme shade or small spaces.

If your establishment is spending too much on gas, oil or any combustion led heating service, domestic air source heat pumps can change the narrative. Equally, any domestic establishment that isn’t connected to the mains (for gas or oil) heat pumps have the ideal solution as long as your home is perfectly insulated.

In the absence of gas or electric power, air source heat pumps can power by wind or solar power. This not only reduces pollution but it also makes sure that your home is heated even when the temperatures hit -20C and you can heat your water for instant or later use without worrying over spiking energy bills.

Air Source Heat Pumps: Low Maintenance or Not?
After installation; which can take just a few days, you can have peace of mind that your heat pumps will be in peak condition for long. Unlike other heating options, air source heat units are extremely low maintenance. In your backyard, you can trim any vegetation that grows towards your unit and clear hovering branches without paying anyone.

Routine checks for pressure issues are advised. This helps you call out a professional heat pump installer or expert to troubleshoot and diagnose looming problems. Apparently, HP energy are always ready to check, service and fix your heat pump to ensure your comfort and convenience is never compromised.

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Renewable Heat Incentive Benefits
In Scotland, the cost of installing a domestic air source heat pump can run anywhere between £7,000 and £14,000. But there is relief since homeowners qualify for incentives from this scheme as long as the units are professionally installed by certified and accredited Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installers. What’s more, you remain eligible for cash incentives for up to seven years if you comply with regulations. Also, fully compliant domestic air source heat pumps qualify for the Green Deal incentive.

The number of benefits that these pumps offer to domestic and small business owners far outweighs their few disadvantages. These semi renewable heat pumps require minimal permission to install, and you can recoup your money in a few years!

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