Do Not Rely On Grid (For Off-Grid Properties) Heat and Power off Grid

January 6, 2018

In trying to understand the real meaning of “living off the grid” many people will define the concept in different perspectives. Going off the grid doesn’t mean absolute darkness and relying on conventional woodstoves. Even when you want to lead a rustic life, electricity is an integral part of it. When you go off grid, it means you become your power generator. Surprisingly, you can be off grid in the middle of the jungle or right in the hustle and bustle of modern infrastructure.

Why Go Off Grid?
Off-griders will give you endless reasons why they want to lead the stand alone kind of life. Apparently, those who decide to settle in remote areas know too well that it can be suicidal to rely on the grid for their usage. Simply put, getting grid power to some remote locations is overly expensive, and almost impossible. Fortunately, there are renewable energy technologies that offer lasting solutions in such situations.

Grid power is known to inconsistent if not costly. When you are right in the middle of nowhere, you are left to your own devices from an energy point of view. There is no need to panic since with proper and frugal planning; you can lead a comfortable life thanks to the introduction of systems including solar off grid systems, solar panels, a small wind turbine, or a micro-hydro system.

Whatever location or region you choose; these systems can generate enough power for your log cabin, home or business. If you are creative enough, you are likely to throw in a backup generator just in case your system is faulty or can’t produce the amount needed to run your operation.


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Detach From the Grid Completely
When you go off grid, it’s advisable that you forget your dependency on electrical utilities. When you drop grid-tied power systems, there is need to consider the size and capacity of the installation in mind. You can add the panel arrays; invest in a bigger wind turbine. Equally, having bigger battery storage can save you on a bad day. The fact remains that if planned well, living off grid is possible without having to regret why you dropped the main grid.

In some cases, off-griders choose to shun grid-tied alternatives given that they are useless if an outage occurs. A fully fledge standalone solar system can give you some peace of mind, especially if you have the right storage capacity. For instance, you are likely to live without heating in a remote location if a natural disaster disrupts the grid’s supply.

Get Incentives off Grid
In the UK, installing renewable energy generation systems means you can qualify for incentives. Even though your home is of the main gas line, metering your generated units is all you need to get paid. At the same time, if your home is off the main gas line, you save a lot more, and your carbon emissions will decrease. If you can generate even without exporting back to the grid, there is no need incurring hefty amounts to get connected.

Before Going Off Grid
Although you want to be independent, it’s imperative that you understand your usage habits and how an off-grid system operates. You will have to make changes regarding electricity usage to enjoy your system output to the fullest. In fact, shunning grid heat and power enables you to use your units diligently.

Is It Cost Reasonable?
When you decide to go off-grid, you need to take stock of your electric consumption. If you miscalculate, it could be the reason why you start moving back towards grid-tied options. Your calculations should include peak consumption during winter when production is at its lowest. HP energy can recommend introducing energy efficient measures such as replacing out-dated appliances, and introducing led lighting. When such measures are done before the installation of your off-grid system, you will get more benefits.

Deciding to step off the grid isn’t easy. The logical judgment you have to make is to remain unbound by grid supply. With expert guidance, you can plan, pick and install the right renewable energy technology that will usher you into financial freedom.


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